• Released on
    Jan 1, 2015
The Post Human Condition

The epic 78-minute concept album. Scientists have successfully given a man superintelligence, and world leaders try to profit off of his lucrative knowledge for their own power. Upon escaping their clutches, he reenters the world to find the population is lost in technology and are willingly slaves to the things they believe they enjoy. He commits to waking the world up to their ignorance while attempting to extend his freedom as long as he can. But, where is there to hide when all the screens stare back at you?

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Track Listing

  1. Nascency
  2. All As One
  3. Behold the Screen
  4. The Spiral
  5. A Shrine of Pearl
  6. God in the Glass
  7. Bleed
  8. Binary Annihilation Glitch
  9. Mountains of the Sky
  10. Cosmic Trigger
  11. The Network


No More Pain